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Cobra Polar Assault (Code Name: Snow Serpent)

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cobrapolarassault-codenamesnowserpent-t.jpg Cobra Polar Assault (Code Name: Snow Serpent) Price: $24.99
SNOW SERPENTS are the Arctic Specialist branch of the COBRA EEL unit (COBRA frogmen). They must undergo the same rigorous training program as COBRA EEL troops with the addition of a six-month cold-weather course somewhere above the Arctic Circle. Other aspects of their training include airborne operations (under arctic conditions), anti-tank procedures and the use of snowshoes, skis and kayaks.

Add to your GI JOE collection with this COBRA mercenary action figure. Outfitted for arctic missions in cold-weather gear and wooly-looking trim, this polar assault figure comes with accessories to get the job done, including snowshoes, weapons and a bacpack.