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Windfire Cobra Commander (G.I.Joe Commando) - Reviews

Windfire Cobra Commander (G.I.Joe Commando)

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windfirecobracommander-sigma6-t.jpg Windfire Cobra Commander (G.I.Joe Commando) : 653569237297 Price: $49.99
COBRA COMMANDER is an expert at creating new weapon systems, and at using easily obtainable sources to power them. His chariot has an atmogistic system that controls different meteorological elements, creating spinning vortexes of lightning, wind, or fire that he blasts from the launcher. He also has a staff that harnesses lightning bolts to power the chariot and the disk launcher. Like the Greek god Zeus, COBRA COMMANDER can now control the elements and make them do his bidding.

Articulated COBRA COMMANDER action figure is outfitted for pretend experimental weapon design! Figure comes with Zeus Chariot that fires energy disks! To help master the tools of his trade, this COBRA COMMANDER figure also comes with a lightning staff.