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Star Wars The Clone Wars 5-Pack (Ultimate Gift Set) - Reviews

Star Wars The Clone Wars 5-Pack (Ultimate Gift Set)

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starwarstheclonewars-ugs-t.jpg Star Wars The Clone Wars 5-Pack (Ultimate Gift Set) : 653569656821 Price: $63.99
"Jedi versus Sith! Clone trooper versus battle droids! Anakin Skywalker duels Count Dooku in a ferocious lightsaber battle that pits two masters of the Force against each other, lightsaber to lightsaber. Captain Rex takes on a battle droid and super battle droid, blasting them with his laser cannon as the droids launch their own attack.

Includes 4"" tall versions of Anakin Skywalker, Count Dooku, Captain Rex, Super Battle Droid and Battle Droid.

Each figure has their own accessory and includes a unique battle card."