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Clone Scuba Trooper (BD27)

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clonescubatrooper-bd27-t.jpg Clone Scuba Trooper (BD27) : 653569414520 Price: $49.99
Clone SCUBA Troopers accompany Kit Fisto when the Republic sends support to the Mon Calamari, who are under attack by the Quarren. Clone SCUBA Troopers have special gear that helps them more effectively battle in aquatic conditions.

Team up with this underwater specialist and head into a galactic battle right from the comfort of your living room! Use this detailed Clone SCUBA Trooper figure to recreate some of your favorite Star Wars movie moments! Collect other specially marked Legacy Collection figures (sold separately) for more Droid Factory parts! Then build your very own custom droid figure!

Figure comes with a weapon and one Droid Factory part.