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Decepticon Brawl (Movie Deluxe)

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decepticonbrawl-movie-t.jpg Decepticon Brawl (Movie Deluxe) : 653569111177 Price: $39.99
DECEPTICON BRAWL is built for one thing, and one thing alone destruction. His programming has been gripped for as long as he can remember by a rage so deep and so hot that he feels little else. The only thing that allows him a few moments of happiness is the fury of combat. There is nothing so sweet to him as the thunderous noise of his shells bursting against the armor of a faltering AUTOBOT.

Convert this DECEPTICON figure from menacing robot mode to tank mode and back again! It features rotating turrets in robot mode and a projectile-launching cannon in tank mode! This is one awesome figure for your collection!

6.5" tall in robot mode.