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Wun-Dar (Classics)

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wundar-classics-t.jpg Wun-Dar (Classics) Price: $124.99
Original savior of The Goddess and protector of the sword of He, the legendary Savage He-Man is sculpted in incredible detail by the Four Horsemen and fully-articulated. Wun-Dar comes complete with:

* Sword of Power
* Half Power Sword
* Cosmic Ray Gun
* Eternian baked good
* Map of Eternia

Wun-dar Bio
Real Name: Wun-Dar

One hundred years before Prince Adam was born, Wun-Dar, a warrior from deep in the savage underground city of Tundaria, rescued a young woman who turned out to be the Goddess of Eternia. Providing him with cosmic battle armor and a sophisticated ray gun that could tap into almost unlimited power, the Goddess tasked Wun-dar to protect both halves of the sword of He and keep them apart so as not to fall into the hands of evil. Like many warriors before him, Wun-dar became known as “The He-Man,” battling in a savage way to keep evil from obtaining the key to the great power hidden inside the long-forgotten Castle Grayskull.