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TIE Bomber (Power Of The Jedi)

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tiebomber(t).jpg TIE Bomber (Power Of The Jedi) : 076930264799 Price: $84.99
TIE bombers are the prime assault bombers of the Empire. In traditional attacks, TIE fighters first soften up the target, and then the TIE bombers come in to finish the job. Their sophisticated targeting sensors enable them to hit specific targets without damaging surrounding areas. This allows them to disable vital areas so that Imperial forces can take control of the crippled vessel or space station. TIE bombers carry a heavy and diverse payload that allows them to not only attack ships and stations but also perform ground bombing and deploy orbital mines. In The Empire Strikes Back, TIE bombers are deployed to locate the Millennium Falcon when it hides in an asteroid field. Features include opening cockpit that holds 1 figure, highly detailed interior and authentic styling, actually deploys bombs and includes Imperial Pilot action figure!