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10" Sky Command Attack Glider Spider-Man - Reviews

10" Sky Command Attack Glider Spider-Man

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10inchskycommandattackgliderspiderman-t.jpg 10" Sky Command Attack Glider Spider-Man Price: $99.99
The amazing Spider-Man takes to the sky to battle flying super-villains using his sensational Sky Command Attack Glider. This high-tech, missile-firing machine lets the wall crawler rocket through the air or glide through the sky while on stealth missions. Whether on the land, the sea or air - the amazing web-slinger can stop evildoers anywhere. His special gear and accessories transform the webbed-wonder into the ultimate adventure hero. Features removable helmet, safety vest, aerial lift impact resistance boots and positionable stabilizer wings. Includes aerial assault gear, jet pack with missile-firing action and jet pack that transforms into hang glider.