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She-Dragon (with Mohawk)

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shedragon(t).jpg She-Dragon (with Mohawk) Price: $29.99
With my partner, Alex, on a dangerous stake-out; this strange green-skinned girl blew our cover and Alex got kidnapped. Seems the new girl calls herself She-Dragon. Her physical skills are amazing, especially those wicked gymnastic and martial arts moves. Found out she's given us anonymous tips in the past. She led me to Alex- and a freak fight ensued. We fought well together- and she helped rescue Alex. Shows great promise, she could be an outstanding criminal-freak fighter with some specialized training. Though she's undisciplined and a meddler, she's got desire and guts. With her, Barbaric and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on my side, the decent people in Chicago might have a better future. Make recommendation to Lt. Darling: We can turn this amateur girl into a professional crimefighter.