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Power Switching Mr. Fantastic (movie)

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powerswitchingmrfantastic-t.jpg Power Switching Mr. Fantastic (movie) : 653569233268 Price: $39.99
Exposed to the infinite reality-warping powers of the Silver Surfer, Mr. Fantastic finds himself suddenly endowed with the incredible powers of his teammates! Super strong, and surrounded by the heat of invisible flame, heís the entire Fantastic Four in one body. Itís a good thing, too, because Dr. Doom is back, and more dangerous than ever. The only problem is Reedís new powers could disappear at any moment and end up with one of the other members of the team!

Detailed Mr. Fantastic action figure is ready to do battle! Help him save the day before his newfound powers disappear! Attach his snap-on flames and the "invisible" shield to help him fight off the enemy. Bend and pose his interchangeable attack arms and help him achieve victory! 6" tall.