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Pyro (Marvel Legends)

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pyro-ml-t.jpg Pyro (Marvel Legends) : 035112713265 Price: $34.99
In his youth, St. John Allerdyce used his mutant abilities only for profit. As a side job, he wrote widely read and critically despised torrid Gothic romances. When Mystique approached him with an invitation to use his powers in the Brotherhood, Pyro accepted. Dutifully fighting against the X-Men, Pyro's life would not be lost to combat, but to something worse: the Legacy Virus. Seeking redemption before the Virus claimed his life, Pyro halted the Brotherhood's second attempted assassination of Senator Kelly. As Post was about to kill Kelly, Pyro - summoning up one final fiery onslaught - annihilated the mutant before he could carry out the murder. Features 33 points of articulation and includes a diorama, a Marvel vs. System trading card, a 32 page comic book and the "lower torso and shell" of Onslaught. 6" tall.