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Cobra Commander & Tripwire (Comic Pack)

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cobracommanderandtripwire-t.jpg Cobra Commander & Tripwire (Comic Pack) Price: $24.99
The battle between the G.I. JOE team and the evil COBRA forces continues! And there’s no one better to tell the tales of daring and danger than Larry Hama, the original writer of the classic G.I. JOE comics. And now he’s back, with all-new stories that give you previously unknown background on favorite characters and never-before-seen details about major stories from the annals of G.I. JOE!

“Explosive Thoughts”

It’s peril at the pueblo when the G.I. JOE team scrambles to defuse a bomb fired at them by COBRA forces, then the only way TRIPWIRE can save his own life is to save the life of COBRA COMMANDER himself!

Get these two detailed action figures in on some exciting comic book action! Follow along with the included comic and bring it to “life” with the battle-ready COBRA COMMANDER and TRIPWIRE figures!