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Green Goblin (Marvel Legends)

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greengoblin-ml-t.jpg Green Goblin (Marvel Legends) : 035112713289 Price: $49.99
He is Spider-Man's greatest enemy; he has been, almost since the beginning. A maniacal manifestation of Norman Osborn's chemical-induced insanity, the Green Goblin has done more than any other villain to wreck the web-slinger's world. Always, he has terrorized Peter Parker's friends and loved ones. Even his own son -- Peter's best friend, Harry -- was poisoned by the Goblin legacy. He killed Gwen Stacy, the first great love of Peter's life. And then -- years after Spider-Man watched him die, impaled on his own Goblin Glider -- Osborn returned to cast a shadow of evil over his hated foe! Features 34 points of articulation and includes a diorama, a Marvel vs. System trading card, a 32 page comic book and the "right leg" of Onslaught.