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Nightwing (DC Universe, Legacy Edition, Arkham city) - Reviews

Nightwing (DC Universe, Legacy Edition, Arkham city)

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nightwing-le-dcu-t.jpg Nightwing (DC Universe, Legacy Edition, Arkham city) : 746775150655 Price: $34.99
High-flying Dick Grayson was born into show business, the son of world-famous aerialists, the Flying Graysons. But Dick's life changed forever when his parents were killed by the mob, sabotaged during their circus act. Ultimately, Dick became the ward of billionaire Bruce Wayne, under whose tutelage Grayson would combine his aerialist skills with martial arts training, enabling the young man to become batman's agile sidekick, Robin. Now an adult, Grayson has stepped out of his mentor's shadow to become Nightwing, protector of Bludhaven, a town as plagued by corruption and crime as Gotham city.

Stands 6.75" tall and includes Arkham City poster and display base.