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12" Dusty

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12inchdusty(t).jpg 12" Dusty Price: $49.99
Dusty loves the desert. It is clean, pure and unforgiving - and always full of challenges. Dusty was working as a refrigerator repairman and studying desert ecology at night, when the GI Joe Team brought him into their ranks. The desert is like a home to him, every hot and sandy inch of it. He loves the blistering heat during the day, the freezing cold at night, the snakes, scorpions, sheet lightning, dust storms and gritty sand. He can speak most desert region languages and dialects. He can track Cobra down, no matter where they hide. Just when the enemy thinks they've lost him, Dusty storms over a sand dune, meaner than a den full of scorpions. With Dusty's interchangeable weapons and gear, he can complete both day and night missions, such as Operation Midnight Scorpion, to defeat Cobra's plans whenever and wherever they occur. "If the enemy thinks they can hide, they're wrong! I can sneak up on them at the right time and show them some real heat!" Includes figure, pants, shorts, backpack/vest, helmet, socks, boots, missile launcher, missile, glasses, pistol and knife.