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Marion Ravenwood vs. Cairo Henchman 2-Pack - Reviews

Marion Ravenwood vs. Cairo Henchman 2-Pack

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marionravenwoodandcairohenchman-t.jpg Marion Ravenwood vs. Cairo Henchman 2-Pack Price: $29.99
Betrayed by a duplicitous monkey, Marion finds danger on the busy streets of Cairo, where a German-paid henchman threatens her with a knife. Never one to shrink from a fight, Marion outruns and outwits her attacker, knocking him cold before hiding herself in a nearby laundry basket.

Channel your inner street smarts and help the spunky Marion escape her veiled, evil attacker! Detailed Marion Ravenwood figure comes complete with her weapon of choice a frying pan! Battle the Cairo Henchman figure in an exciting swordfight! Recreate exciting scenes from the film or create new excitement all your own!

Figures come with 2 swords, a frying pan and monkey accessories.