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The Goon 4-Piece PVC Set

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thegoonpvcset(t).jpg The Goon 4-Piece PVC Set : 761568102505 Price: $74.99
Hey, slackjaws! Here's your chance to prove to everybody you're not the sissified illiterate they think you are. What better way to man yourself up than by following the example set by the Goon and Franky? Now you can get your very own Goon PVC set! Once people get a load of your Goon PVC set, they're sure to think of you as one of those uptown sophisticate types. They'll be surprised by your taste in collectible plastic and comic books, not to mention how impressed they'll be by your ability to read and your extensive knowledge of pie. This set includes the Goon (the one man who scares the bejeezus out of the undead), his spastic sidekick Franky (complete with a belly full of spite and a switchblade knife), the Buzzard (the gunslinger who cannot die, but must feed on the flesh of the dead), and the Zombie Priest (the nameless man who rules an army of the undead). Even the undead fear the Goon! 4" scale.