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Y-wing Bomber

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ywingbomber-t.jpg Y-wing Bomber Price: $138.99
Armed with cannons, long-range missiles, torpedoes and bombs, the Y-wing bomber is one of the Republic's primary combat vessels. Clone troopers and Jedi both pilot this vessel on assault and reconnaissance missions. A gunner sitting in the bubble-domed turret can blast attacking ships approaching from behind, while the pilot can fire forward-mounted cannons and torpedoes at enemy vessels up ahead. Y-wing bombers see action from the first days of the Clone Wars and help destroy the deadly new Separatist vessel Malevolence.

Features firing proton torpedo launchers, removable engines, proton bombs, hidden launchers that fire long range missiles and an opening canopy that fits figures. Also features fold down landing gear, opening turret that fits figure and droid socket.

Figures sold separately.