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Ram Cycle vs. Cobra Flight Pod - Reviews

Ram Cycle vs. Cobra Flight Pod

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ramcyclevscobraflightpod-t.jpg Ram Cycle vs. Cobra Flight Pod : 653569323976 Price: $64.99
Cobra Flight Pod air vehicles swoop down to attack G.I. Joe forces riding Ram Cycles. Small in size but big in trouble, Cobra Flight Pods send a barrage of firepower raining down on the Ram Cycles - then the Ram Cycle drivers fire back full-force with their side-mounted gatling guns!

Cobra Flight Pod features openening canopy, swing-down control console, swiveling cannon, removable missiles and a Tele-Viper figure.

Ram Cycle features removable saddle bags, removable panel, rotating gatling gun, free-rolling wheels, turning front wheel and a Cpl. Breaker figure.