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8" Daredevil (Spider-Man Origins)

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8inchdaredevil-smo-t.jpg 8" Daredevil (Spider-Man Origins) Price: $34.99
Matt Murdock's neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen was once the domain of the most dangerous criminals in New York. It was a squalid, urban maze known for the stench of its slaughterhouses. Murdock's father - the boxer "Battlin' Jack" Murdock - taught him that there was more to life than fighting. He pushed Matt to get an education, but ironically, it was his death at the hands of a gangster that showed Matt that sometimes, fighting is the only answer.

Since then he has protected Hell's Kitchen by night as the fearless Daredevil, and served its people by day as ace attorney Matt Murdock. Using the superhuman senses and "radar sense" granted him in the same accident that took his sight, he fights crime with an incredible acrobatic style that has earned him the nickname "The Man Without Fear." His crimson clad figure has become a welcome sight among the city's residents. He counts Spider-Man as his friend, for the two share much in their connections to the city.