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Dungeons of Isengard Orc Captain (Trilogy) - Reviews

Dungeons of Isengard Orc Captain (Trilogy)

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dungeonsofisengardorccaptain(trilogy)t.jpg Dungeons of Isengard Orc Captain (Trilogy) : 035112814986 Price: $84.99
"A foul, black-blooded, murderous race, Orcs are the servants of evil in Middle-earth. Deep in the pits below the fortress if Isengard, Orcs in the pits below the fortress of Isengard, Orcs in the employ of the fallen wizard Saruman outfitted the newly bred Uruk-hai and fed the machines of war built to create this new army. The labor is brutal, but the Orcs are hardy and resilient, having been born to toil and mistreatment in their earliest days of creation. They are further spurred by the evil they know their work will come to unleash upon the world of Men."