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Jonah Hex

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jonahhex-t.jpg Jonah Hex Price: $29.99
Forged in the fire of the Civil War, Jonah Hex is a legendary bounty hunter who follows no law but his own. Campfire lore calls him a devil who can communicate with the dead, having risen from the dead himself, but the only person who truly understands the pain that haunts him is Lilah. After Quentin Turnbull brutally murders his family, branding Hex with his famed physical, but also deeper emotional scar, Hex vows revenge at all costs. Jonah gets his chance when the US government is forced to take a chance on him, believing he's the only man alive or dead who can find and stop Turnbull before the madman terrorist destroys all hope for the newly formed Union's future.

7" tall figure includes pistols, shotgun, tomahawk, and removable hat.