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Spider-Man & Thunderball (Marvel Universe Comic Packs #3) - Reviews

Spider-Man & Thunderball (Marvel Universe Comic Packs #3)

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spidermanandthunderball-mu-t.jpg Spider-Man & Thunderball (Marvel Universe Comic Packs #3) : 653569427384 Price: $27.99 On Sale! $24.99
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the greatest crossover event of all time.

Fresh from their first victory over the villains, the heroes take refuge from a violent storm in their immense new base. While Thunderball lies locked in a stasis chamber, prisoner of the heroes, Spider-Man explores the base. Though many of the other heroes are eager to go back on the attack, all the web-slinger wants is to finish the fight and get back to Earth.

3.75" scale figures includes Secret Wars Issue #3 comic book.