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Longview (Movie Real Gear)

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longview-t.jpg Longview (Movie Real Gear) Price: $24.99
"Uncover one of the most closely held secrets on Earth, known only to very few humans. The power of the Allspark has been unleashed, and machines all over the world have come alive. Unlock their secrets and join the battle! LONGVIEW is impossible to surprise. Itís not only because his vision is so incredible either; thanks to highly sophisticated quantum processors he can predict every possible outcome of any action within seconds. If he can see you, he knows what youíre going to do even before you do. Itís his job to keep an eye on the DECEPTICONS and let OPTIMUS PRIME and the others know what theyíre planning.

Convert this AUTOBOT figure from robot to a pair of binoculars and back again! Collect this awesome figure and join the TRANSFORMERS battle!

Note: Not working binoculars."