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Claire Redfield & Zombie Cop

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claireredfieldandzombiecop-t.jpg Claire Redfield & Zombie Cop Price: $74.99
Claire Redfield is a tough and clever young woman who came to Raccoon City to uncover the mysterious circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Chris, her older brother and S.T.A.R.S. team member, but what she found instead was a city overrun by zombies. Now her only thought is to survive the nightmare that was once Raccoon City. She'll need to keep a cool head if she wants to keep her own head in the face of unspeakable odds as the entire town is consumed by the ravages of the Umbrella virus.

Zombies now run rampant throughout Raccoon City and as Claire seeks refuge in the Police Department, she is set upon by Zombie Cops, former defenders of the city, now out to protect and serve themselves as they patrol the streets in search of potential victims. These undead officers are not easily destroyed as the loss of a limb or two may slow them down but does not stop their appetite for human flesh.