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12" Mutt Williams

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12inchmuttwilliams-t.jpg 12" Mutt Williams Price: $42.99
Preferring his motorcycle to his classical education, his switchblade to a school uniform, Mutt Williams never much cared for prep school life. But when he makes an enemy of the sinister Irena Spalko, a Russian commando and sword-master, his years of fencing lessons pay off. Deep in the Peruvian jungle, they match swords and tactics with ruthless precision, neither one prepared to accept any outcome but victory.

Embark on your own thrilling Indiana Jones adventures with this Mutt Williams action figure. Keep evildoers at bay with Mutt’s sword. A sheath on Mutt’s hip keeps the sword at his fingertips! Put the sword in his hand for slashing action. Launch the projectile knife from Mutt’s other hand and save the day with sword-fighting action at the press of a button.

Action figure comes with shirt, pants, pair of boots, knife, sword and belt with sheath.