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Pittsburgh Steelers Legends 3-Pack

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steelers3pack-legends-t.jpg Pittsburgh Steelers Legends 3-Pack : 787926925265 Price: $79.99
McFarlane Toys honors the championship legacy of the black and gold with the Pittsburgh Steelers Legends 3-Pack. This set features the cornerstones of the "Steel Curtain" defense which delivered a pair of back-to-back championships (1975-76 & 1979-80). Lifelong Steelers Jack Lambert and Joe Greene combined for 19 Pro Bowl berths before entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Jerome Bettis came to the Steelers in a 1996 draft-day trade and became the driving force behind the Steelers offense for the next decade. Bettis rushed for 10,571 yards as a Steeler and his career culminated with a 2005 championship victory over the Seahawks.