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Disturbance at Lar's Homestead

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disturbanceatlarshomestead-t.jpg Disturbance at Lar's Homestead : 653569354086 Price: $119.99
Moisture farms, like the one owned by Own and Beru Lars, use moisture vaporators to take precious water from the dry Tatooine air to use or resell. A womp rat lurks on the edge of the farm as stormtroopers arrive, searching for R2-D2 and C-3PO. The troopers question Owen and Beru about the missing droids with typical Imperial harshness. When the troopers are finished, they set fire to the farm, leaving no one alive to reveal what happened.

Recreate a memorable scene from the Star Wars saga with these four figures! Pose them in front of the homestead, or remove its room to access the inside. Complete with a moisture vaporator, this is one detailed scene to add to your collection. Includes Own Lars, Beru Lars, Stormtrooper and Womp Rat figures, moisture vaporator and homestead.