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Iron Man 2 R/C Walking Iron Man - Reviews

Iron Man 2 R/C Walking Iron Man

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rcwalkingironman2-t.jpg Iron Man 2 R/C Walking Iron Man Price: $106.99 On Sale! $79.99
The Iron Man character is one of the mightiest forces ever to fight evil and you control his every move! This "iron-clad" electronic figure features lights to intimidate his opponents and even "speaks" mighty phrases like "Target engaged!" and "Let's see what this suit can do!" When it's time to send your hero into combat, grab your remote control and get your hero moving. No matter how your figure has to "fight" the bad guys, you're in complete control! Send him bravely walking forward into the thick of the battle and then use the remote control to fire his four missile accessories. Practice firing a the targets so that when the "real fight" goes down, you and your figure are ready to deal the bad guys a blow they'll never forget!

Figure comes with targets and 4 missile accessories.

Figure includes 4 "AA" batteries.

Remote control requires 2 "AA" batteries (not included).