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Batcave (DC Super Friends Imaginext)

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batcave-imaginext-t.jpg Batcave (DC Super Friends Imaginext) : 027084595673 Price: $169.99
Imagine…a call comes in from the Commissioner; the Joker is playing tricks that just aren't funny. Batman takes the elevator to the main floor of the Bat Cave, where Robin has already lowered the drawbridge to the entrance. Holy grappling hooks, the Penguin is right outside. Head for the side door to make a quick exit on the Bat Cycle. Unlock a new adventure with Imaginext every time you play.

Features include:

Interactive action command stands;
Turn one of the included figures to raise or lower the hook.

Working elevator;
Go from floor to floor of the famous Bat Cave. Place Batman or Robin on the appropriate stand to raise and lower the elevator.

Revolving front door;
Place a figure on the stand to open the door of the Dark Knight's famous hideout: the Bat Cave.

Walk-through portal;
Where will the mysterious portal take you? Gear up as Batman and place a figure on the corresponding stand to open the portal.

Grappling hook;
Batman and Robin must protect the Bat Cave from villains, including the Joker and the Penguin. Launch the grappling hook to maneuver around the Bat Cave easily or as a weapon for added protection.

Foldable case;
Take the Bat Cave with you to a friend's house for playing anywhere.

3" scale Batman figure
3" scale Robin figure
Satellite dish
Two Batarangs