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The League United 6-Pack

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theleagueunited6pack-t.jpg The League United 6-Pack : 027084727715 Price: $69.99

Mr. Terrific:
The world's third smartest man is also one of the JLU's lead strategists. After J'Onn J'Onzz, the Martian Manhunter, takes a leave of absence, Mr. Terrific fills in helping to coordinate team efforts dividing members into effective strike teams prepared for any situation.

After years of living in her cousin's shadow, Supergirl has trained vigorously with senior members of the JLU becoming a hero in her own right. She helped lead a JLU strike team to the hidden city of Skartaris to free the people from Demos.

Elongated Man:
By drinking a concentrated form of Gingold juice, Ralph Dibny gained the ability to contort and stretch his body to any form. Taking the name Elongated Man, his ability to stretch at just the right moment helped the JLU stop the rampaging wizard, Mordu, in his tracks.

Enhanced by a ill called ""Miraclo,"" Rick Tyler gains enhanced agility, speed, strength and invulnerability one hour at a time. He joined several JLU strike teams on vital missions including defending the earth from Darkseid and his Parademon troopers.

Kal-El of the planet Krypton came to earth as an infant, the lone survivor of his doomed planet. Enhanced by the rays of earth's yellow sun, Kal became practically invulnerable, gaining the ability to fly, blast heat rays from his eyes and blow super freezing breath. He uses these powers as earth's foremost hero known as Superman - The Man of Steel.

The son of Green Lantern Alan Scott, Obsidian possesses the power to morph in and out of shadows. His powers are put to the test during many battles including Darkseid's ill-fated invasion of earth.

Each are approximately 5"" tall."