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Iron Fist (Marvel Universe, series 4, 006) - Reviews

Iron Fist (Marvel Universe, series 4, 006)

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ironfist2-mu-t.jpg Iron Fist (Marvel Universe, series 4, 006) : 653569652076 Price: $24.99
As one linked to the mystical world, IRON FIST often encounters forces attempting to cross over from the beyond. When not tangling with elements of the mystic, IRON FIST has proven to be an able crime fighter. His ability to summon and focus his inner energy gives him vast abilities, including the devastating fist strikes from which he takes his name. Serious adventure will be yours with this awesome IRON FIST figure! He comes with a collectible comic shot of the IRON FIST character in action and a "fist strike" accessory that shows the power of his fist. The battles will be epic with this incredibly powerful hero figure on the side of justice and good! When your adventures are over for the day, stand him up in your collection with his fist in the air. Your IRON FIST figure is ready for action whenever you are!

4" tall figure comes with accessory and collectible card.