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Campaign 5-Pack (Halo 2, Nonstop Toys Exclusive) - Reviews

Campaign 5-Pack (Halo 2, Nonstop Toys Exclusive)

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campaign5pack-nonstop-t.jpg Campaign 5-Pack (Halo 2, Nonstop Toys Exclusive) Price: $69.99
The stealth mode Covenant Elite leads his band of Special-Ops Grunts into battle against the brave Master Chief...Introducing the Halo 2 Campaign Mini Series Active Camo 5-Pack! Features 1x Camo Elite, 2x Camo Special Op Grunts, 1x green Master Chief and 1x Camo Spartan. Includes character specific weapons and the Master Chief figures boast 10 points of articulation. Special attributes: * THE FIRST SERIAL NUMBERED HALO 2 EXCLUSIVE (i.e. #1326 of 5000) * 1st Appearance Mini Camo Elite * 1st Appearance Mini Camo Grunts * Limited Edition of 5000 Pieces Worldwide