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Venom vs. Captain Commando

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venomvscaptaincommando(t).jpg Venom vs. Captain Commando Price: $64.99
Vengeful Eddie Brock has fused with a corrupt alien symbiote to become the malevolent Venom. Venom's thoughts are guided by a thirst for destruction and the thrill of battle; for Venom attacks his opponents with great vengeance and furious anger. Venom's superhuman strength, agility and ability to launch the lethal "Venom Fang" attack flow from the mysterious alien symbiote.

Captain Commando is the Capcom Universe's guardian and defender. He cruises the cosmos with his Commando Squad, ever vigilant of any danger that may beset the Capcom world. His commando suit is cybernetically enhanced to increase his strength, stamina and abilities far beyond those of mortals. Calm and brave, this hero never backs down from a challenge! His powerful cool, "Captain Storm" uppercut strikes at those who attempt to poison and destroy the good in the universe. Venom senses Captain Commando's presence and instantly hates what the hero represents. As these two seasoned warriors face off, it is a classic battle of good versus evil... only one will stand triumphant.