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Optimus Prime with bonus Comettor (Walmart Exclusive) - Reviews

Optimus Prime with bonus Comettor (Walmart Exclusive)

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optimusprime-withcomettor-t.jpg Optimus Prime with bonus Comettor (Walmart Exclusive) : 653569611585 Price: $44.99
Optimus Prime and Comettor partner up for lunar battles. Quick, agile and tough, Comettor is specially engineered for ultimate performance on the harsh lunar surface. His high-caliber compressed Energon cannon easily breaks through Decepticon fortifications, allowing Optimus Prime and his Autobot soldiers to roll in with the heavy weaponry.

Optimus Prime (7" tall) features Energon battle hooks and smokestacks that convert to cannons.

Deluxe Class Comettor features Energon assault cannon.