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Batman First Appearance (DC Universe, Legacy Edition) - Reviews

Batman First Appearance (DC Universe, Legacy Edition)

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batmanfirstapperance-dcu-t.jpg Batman First Appearance (DC Universe, Legacy Edition) : 746775072025 Price: $31.99
Unleashed in Detective Comics #27, and inspired by the graphic stories of the pulp fiction era, The Batman arrived nearly fully formed. From the start, The Caped Crusader was a master detective and a man of science, driven to avenge the murder of his parents. This first iteration of the Batman wore gloves to conceal finger prints and his signature dark, ominous cape and cowl to strike fear into the hearts of criminals everywhere. A super hero without superpowers, Batman is the ultimate expression of a man pushed to his physical and mental limits in the pursuit of justice!

6.5" tall, includes comic book poster and display base.