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Capt. Barbossa (The Curse of the Black Pearl)

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captbarbossa(t).jpg Capt. Barbossa (The Curse of the Black Pearl) Price: $49.99
Captain Barbossa, once first mate to Captain Jack Sparrow, he convinced Jack to divulge the location of Isla de Muerta and Cortez's treasure. With the information secure, Barbossa led a mutiny, left Jack stranded on a deserted island, and headed for the treasure. The men of the Black Pearl would soon find out that the legend of Cortez's cursed treasure was not a tall tale, it was real. Now after preying on ships and settlements for nearly ten years, Barbossa and his crew have only one last piece of gold to recover. Their search leads them to Port Royal where they run across an old friend, Captain Jack. The same captain who avoided the curse, thanks to his mutinous first mate. Funny ole world, isn't it? 7" Capt. Barbossa includes cutlass, Jack the Monkey, pistol, hat & knife.