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Vampire Angel Puppet Replica

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vampireplush-t.jpg Vampire Angel Puppet Replica : 699788606230 Price: $244.99
"From the imagination of series creator Joss Whedon came one of the funniest episodes in Buffy or Angelís history, ""Smile Time,"" in which the brooding and ever-serious vampire with a soul was transformed into a puppet! This version of the Vampire Angel Puppet features an all-new head design based on the adorably lethal Puppet Angel's battle the evil ""Smile Time"" puppets. This unique plush puppet replica measures just over 21"" high and is an exact Ĺ-scale version of the prop puppet used in the episode. Angel Puppet features a faux leather coat, boots, and a mouth that opens and closes.

This is a Limited Edition of 10,000 pieces worldwide and will arrive boxed."