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Fantasticar (Rise of the Silver Surfer)

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fantasticar-t.jpg Fantasticar (Rise of the Silver Surfer) : 653569227298 Price: $89.99
Every family needs a vehicle that fits its unique needs, and that includes the first family of super heroes! Capable of soaring through the air or hovering along the ground, the Fantasticar is how the cosmic-powered crew gets directly to the action. With battle features designed to enhance the amazing abilities of its crew (and a seating arrangement designed to keep Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm from killing each other), it's the only vehicle fantastic enough for the Fantastic Four!

Place the super stretch Mr. Fantastic figure inside this awesome Fantasticar vehicle and get ready to save the day! Launch the flame-blast missiles or take on enemies with the Fantastic Four cannon! This three-in-one vehicle features snap-out wings and breaks into three different mini vehicles - just like in the movie! 13" long vehicle comes with super stretch 6" scale Mr. Fantastic figure.