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Jabba's Skiff The Pit of Carkoon 4-Pack (Galactic Heroes) - Reviews

Jabba's Skiff The Pit of Carkoon 4-Pack (Galactic Heroes)

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jabbasskiff-gh-t.jpg Jabba's Skiff The Pit of Carkoon 4-Pack (Galactic Heroes) Price: $54.99
"Jabba the Hutt has brought the Rebels to the Pit of Carkoon, where they will be the hungry Sarlacc’s next meal. But Han, Chewie and Luke won’t give up without a fight – they battle Boba Fett on Jabba’s skiff to escape their horrible fate!

Grab your lightsaber, fire up your engines and join in the excitement! It’s time to blast off and get into the hyperdrive fun of Star Wars with these chunky figures. This four-pack of chunky, stylized characters includes Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett and Skiff Guard figures. Stage them in an all-out skirmish on Jabba’s Skiff vehicle. With a lowering gangplank, retractable landing skids, a sliding console and rotating rutters, it’s sure to be a fight to the finish!"