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Defeat of Dr. Doom 7-Pack (Super Hero Squad) - Reviews

Defeat of Dr. Doom 7-Pack (Super Hero Squad)

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defeatofdrdoom-shs-t.jpg Defeat of Dr. Doom 7-Pack (Super Hero Squad) : 653569582670 Price: $74.99
Dr. Doom teams up with a former minion to take out the heroes that continue to stand in his way. The heroes nearly fall victim to the superheated assault of Volcana, but it takes more than a little hot lava to keep a hero down. They fight back, and even the combined might of Dr. Doom and Volcana can't stand under the onslaught!

Includes 2" scale versions of Reptil, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Volcana, Dr. Doom and Falcon.