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Weapon Assault Drone (16)

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weaponassaultdrone-16-t.jpg Weapon Assault Drone (16) : 653569504566 Price: $29.99
Developed by Hammer Industries to stand up to anything the enemy can throw at it, the Weapon Assault Drone is a walking fortress. Nothing short of a full-scale air strike can slow it down. Luckily, Iron Man has more than enough power to tear through its invincible armor and stop it cold

Prepare to fight for the fate of the world, with a will of steel and a suit of "iron"! Throw your Weapon Assault Drone figure right into the middle of the action -- this fighter has more than enough power to defeat most opponents. When you've got the worst of his enemies in your sights, show them his detachable "saw blades" so they know he means business. It will take a whole lot of strength for anyone to defeat you and your Weapon Assault Drone figure!

Figure comes with detachable saw blade accessories, figure stand and 3 Armor Cards.