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Ultimate Nick Fury & Ultimate Captain America (Marvel Legends) - Reviews

Ultimate Nick Fury & Ultimate Captain America (Marvel Legends)

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ultimatenickfuryandultimatecaptainamerica-ml-t.jpg Ultimate Nick Fury & Ultimate Captain America (Marvel Legends) : 653569340430 Price: $99.99
No one would call Captain America and Ultimates's Director Nick Fury friends. That they are men of a similar mindset, however, is without question. Both are soldiers, through and through, willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish their mission. Their methods are distinct and complimentary. Fury is a savvy political operator, trafficking in the secrets that support power. He manipulates media and government in an effort of create a reality in which America is dominant and safe from the super-powered threats growing around the world. Captain America, on the other hand, is a man of action, used to shouting his orders over the thunder of an artillery barrage, rather than whispering them in back rooms. He prefers to effect change in the real world through a direct application of force to the subtle machinations of diplomacy.

Build your Marvel collection with these two collectible figures. Articulated and full of details, Pose Captain America with his weapon and accessory belt, or display Nick Fury with his weapons, holsters and “billowing” coat. Make these two memorable characters the focal point in your Marvel collection.

Each are 6" tall.