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Battle Action Mega-Armor Wolverine

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wolverine-megaarmor-t.jpg Battle Action Mega-Armor Wolverine : 035112466062 Price: $34.99
The X-Men are at the mercy of the robotic Sentinels...can even Wolverine save them by himself? If he's going to go up against the unstoppable robot sentries, he's going to need all the power he can get. And power is the name of the game with Wolverine's Mega-Armor! The Mega-Armor enhances Wolverine's strength ten-fold and gives him the firepower necessary to take down a score of Sentinels and rescue his captive teammates!

Features high impact metallic body armor, power punch fist, metallic platform boots and spinning battle claws.

Includes special 5" Wolverine that fits inside armor.