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X3 Beast (Marvel Legends)

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x3beast-ml-t.jpg X3 Beast (Marvel Legends) : 653569205470 Price: $44.99
"One of Charles Xavier's earliest recruits to the team of mutant heroes known as the X-Men, Dr. Henry McCoy took the name of Beast after the nickname he'd gained during his college football years. Despite his surprising strength, agility and talent as a fighter, he far prefers his refined intellect to his brutish fists when attacking a problem. As a talented negotiator and diplomat, he is the first known mutant to hold a position inside the U.S. government, with the Department of Mutant Affairs. He is at once embarrassed by and defensive of his mutant nature, but he believes that humans and mutants are capable of living together in peace, and will fight to preserve that vision. Includes the arm & leg of Annihilus. 6"" tall."