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Rockslide A.T.A.V. with Snow Job (The Rise of Cobra) - Reviews

Rockslide A.T.A.V. with Snow Job (The Rise of Cobra)

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rockslideatav-t.jpg Rockslide A.T.A.V. with Snow Job (The Rise of Cobra) Price: $39.99
ROCKSLIDE All-Terrain Attack Vehicles (A.T.A.V.s) launch from G.I. JOE nuclear-powered cruise missile class submarines to breach the M.A.R.S. Industries facility at the polar ice cap. Rugged and dexterous over snow and ice, these arctic attackers are armed with Multi-Environment Laser Tactical Missiles (MBLT-11) for blasting passages through solid walls of ice. Sergeant Harlan W. Moore (a.k.a. SNOW JOB) is used to sub-zero temperatures and can easily push through the harsh, arctic conditions.

Stage this SNOW JOB figure on your own exciting mission in his All-Terrain Attack Vechicle! Infiltrate the evil M.A.R.S. Industries facility with the impressive ROCKSLIDE A.T.A.V. features turning front skis, firing missiles and pivoting treads! Vehicle comes with a SNOW JOB action figure.