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Prototype Suit Batman and Lt Jim Gordon, DC Universe - Reviews

Prototype Suit Batman and Lt Jim Gordon, DC Universe

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prototypesuitbatmanltjimgordon-dcu-legacy-t.jpg Prototype Suit Batman and Lt Jim Gordon, DC Universe : 746775034214 Price: $64.99
After his parents are murdered in cold blood before his young eyes, Bruce Wayne is determined to bring justice to the criminals of Gotham City. With the power, wealth and resources that benefit the CEO of Wayne Industries, Bruce Wayne develops his first prototype crime-fighting suit and begins his quest for justice. The suit, a vital forerunner to the Batsuit, was originally developed for advanced infantry. Its Kevlar bi-weave and reinforced joints make it tear-resistant and practically bulletproof.

In the haven of crime that is Gotham City, Lt. Jim Gordon stands alone as a beacon of honesty and justice, refusing to be bought. Identified by Batman as a potential ally, Gordon eventually teams up with the Caped Crusader to bring down Gotham crime boss Carmine Falcone. Indeed, it is this early team-up that lays the foundation for Gordon's association with Batman - a vigilante that Gordon believes a desperate place like Gotham City needs.

Each stand approximately 5.5" tall.