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Spider-Man & Mary Jane 2-Pack (Famous Couples) - Reviews

Spider-Man & Mary Jane 2-Pack (Famous Couples)

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spidermanandmaryjane-t.jpg Spider-Man & Mary Jane 2-Pack (Famous Couples) Price: $94.99
As Spider-Man, Peter Parker has had some amazing adventures, but he really hit the jackpot the day he met Mary Jane Watson! The love of Spider-Man's life, Mary Jane is one of the few people to know his true identity. With a successful career as an actress and model, Mary Jane leads an exciting life of her own, but when Spider-Man is out risking his life, she worries about him. And even if Spider-Man is in the clutches of some super-villain, he knows he'll be alright, because Mary Jane is there with him in spirit! So when their work is done, Spider-Man and Mary Jane rush home to be in the one place where they're the happiest, and that's together.