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Hoth Snowspeeder Assault 4-Pack (Galactic Heroes) - Reviews

Hoth Snowspeeder Assault 4-Pack (Galactic Heroes)

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hothsnowspeederassault-gh-t.jpg Hoth Snowspeeder Assault 4-Pack (Galactic Heroes) : 653569381341 Price: $119.99
"Echo Base is under attack by the Empire after a probe droid reveals its location. Luke and his gunner Dack attack an AT-AT walker in their snowspeeder, toppling the enormous assault vehicle!

Grab your lightsaber, fire up your engines and join in the excitement! Itís time to blast off and get into the hyperdrive fun of Star Wars with these chunky figures. This collectible three-pack of chunky, stylized characters includes Luke Skywalker, Dack Ralter and Probe Droid figures and Snowspeeder vehicle. Vehicle features an opening canopy, rolling wheels and a cable with hook. Re-enact the memorable scene from The film Episode V: The Empire Strikes back, or stage your own galactic battles!"