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Cy-Gor 2

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cygor2(t).jpg Cy-Gor 2 Price: $29.99
The story of Frankenstein gone bad...very bad. The largest most powerful silver back gorilla ever captured from the Congo. Sgt. Stephen "Smitty" Smith, assassin-in-training under the command of Al Simmons. Through a terrible act of a depraved doctor, this creature and this man are genetically bound together through cybernetic operation. After escape, Cy-Gor and his cybernetic companion, Greystoke, roam the countryside and skyscrapers searching for the scent of the only friend he knew...Al Simmons. But that scent has changed. It now smells of death. Cy-Gor's base emotions lead him to believe that this creature known as Spawn has killed Simmons. And for that Spawn must die! Chest cavity opens to reveal cyber-chimp!